Frequently asked questions

What kind of document do I need for registration at the spot?

You need proof of identity - a valid identity card or passport.

When can I register for the event?

Registration starts from the very first hours of the program and continues throughout the whole day. The sooner you register for the action, the sooner you get into the hall.

What will be included in my ticket?

The ticket is admission to the event, with the ticket you have access to all parts of the program, including performances by our guests.

Where can I find details about the event program?

We are still working on the program, you'll find it in the "Questions about the Program" section.

Do I have to carry the wrist band I get at registration with me at all times?

Yes. Without it, you can not get to any room or program. Please, always wear it visibly after you enter the event.

Do children and disabled people receive any discount?

Children under 12 years of age have access to the event, under the responsibility of their parents, free of charge (but no reserved seating). Disabled visitors get 50% discount.

Is there any contact with the actors during the event?

Please note that the actors are also human. There will be enough time reserved for picture taking and getting autographs, so please do NOT ask the actors for these elsewhere. There will be lot of chances to meet them, see PROGRAM.

Can I wear a costume?

Sure! Costumes will be a great enrichment of the event and guests will enjoy them. Just please keep in mind that any weapons (including swords) are absolutely forbidden for safety reasons.


Questions about autographs

How many things can I get signed by actors?

You can buy vouchers for signatures directly at the event. The maximum number of autographs given to one person is limited to ten.

Do I have to take my own photo to be signed?

You don't have to. You can choose and buy the photo for the signature at the event. However, if you want to bring some of your own pictures, you can.

What can I get signed?

Anything that does not go beyond decency. Do not be afraid to take your own creation, or anything creative. Vulgar pictures, of course, will not be permitted to the signature.

Can the actress write a dedication?

We can not promise this to you, it will depend on circumstances (time, atmosphere). If you prepare a card with your name on it, you surely increase your chances to get the dedication.

Can I be photographed with the actress during the picture signing?

This is not possible. A special portion of time for shooting the actors is reserved in the program, during which all of you get a chance to be photographed with the actor by a professional photographer.

Questions about photographing

What can I expect from the shooting with the actor?

Shooting with the actor is an important part of the event, where you get a chance to get a photo of you and your favorite star by a professional photographer. Photos will be sent to you within 14 days after the event ends by e-mail.

Can I take a picture with the actor by myself?

No, this is not possible - our photographer will take care of it.

How many people may be in one photograph?

Up to ten people can take part in one photo. Everyone in the photo, however, must buy a full-price voucher to do so. If, for example, ten people will be in the picture, the photographer will take ten pictures and send one picture to every participant, each picture being an original.

Can I have a funny picture with the actor?

Definitely. Don’t be afraid to ask the actor for posing with you and most likely your request will be accepted. To smooth the shooting, chew over your ideas. Please again - avoid obscene and vulgar desires.

When will I get my picture?

Your picture will arrive within two weeks after the event by e-mail.

Questions about the program

What type of questions can I discuss with the actor?

Discussion (or a Q & A - questions and answers) with the actor is a part of the program, where you can ask questions about the actor's person and career. It depends fully on the actor, how your question will be answered. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to ask questions about shooting. Please avoid vulgar questions.

How to put the question?

We will provide an interpreter from Czech to English for you. Raise your hand and put your question in Czech. The interpreter will translate your question into English and also the translate the actor's answer back to Czech language.

Can I take photos during the discussion with the actor?

Yes. For the convenience of our guests, please, restrict shooting with flash to the first few minutes. After that, you can take pictures without flash indefinitely.

Can I record a video during the discussion with the actor?

No, this is not possible. Please do not make any audio or video recordings during the discussion. An official recording will be available after the event will end.

Where will I be able to sit in the hall during the program?

Seats are not marked, so you can sit anywhere you see fit (except the front lines, which are designated for VIP players). All seats in the room have a good view of the stage. Do not worry, you'll not see worse than others.

Questions about payment

Where can I get information about payment?

You can find it on the web page of our ticket partner - FAQ - www.ticket-art.cz

What should I do in case of problem with purchase of tickets?

Just contact us by e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - We are here to help you.