Saturday 16th November 2013

12:00 Club Lávka opens

12:30 The official beginning of the event

12:45 Tomas Kobr - improvisation: Great Britain

13:00 Scottish dances Nessie

13:30 Paris Jefferson - Q&A

14:30 Break - workshops available

15:30 Training session of guide dogs from non-profit Pestra spolecnost

16:00 Kim Hartman & Richard Gibson - Q&A

17:30 Photoshoot with Paris Jefferson

18:00 Photoshoot with Kim Hartman & Richard Gibson

18:30 Autograph session with all three guests

20:00 End of the first day

Sunday 17th November 2013 (aka special additional program)

12:30 Club Lávka opens

13:00 Czech voices of Helga & Herr Flick - Q&A

14:00 Kim Hartman, Richard Gibson and Paris Jefferson - Q&A

15:00 Autograph session + addition photoshoots

15:30 The official end of the event


Stars of BritFest – Kim Hartman and Richard Gibson

Kim Hartman and Richard Gibson, British actors and comedians and the stars of BritFest, are best known as the protagonists of the TV show 'Allo 'Allo! Their unforgettable characters Herr Flick and Helga are looking forward to meeting the fans.



Stars of BritFest – Paris Jefferson

Paris appeared in numerous theatre plays, TV series and movies as well. She portrayed characters in Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot franchise and appeared in the worldwide hit TV series Xena: Warrior Princess as the goddess of wisdom Athena. You can currently see her in the movie The Counselor with Brad Pitt. It will be her first visit of Prague.


Jewellery-making products

Throughout the day, you can visit our stand where an instructor will help you make jewellery in the colours of Great Britain. Beads, felt and other jewellery-making products will be available. Those interested will get an opportunity to attend a felt-making course (suitable for children 8+) where everyone can create more jewellery or a fairy godmother. This course is also free.


Like James Bond

Do it like James Bond in the revival of Casino Royale in a true British style. This is a must-be-there event at BritFest!


Scottish dances

`You’re either dancing with us, or against us.‘ History, etiquette, dressing up and most importantly, a lecture of Scottish dances will boost the happiness of each participant.


Special guests – Michal Jagelka

Michal is well-known Czech dubber who dubbed hundred of characters, TV series and movies included. He’s well-known for his great voiceover of Leonardo DiCaprio. Michal dubbed Herr Flick in 'Allo! 'Allo!, he loves this show and is happy to share his experiences with the fans.


Special guests – Zuzana Skalicka

Zuzana started acting in '70s, but she has dubbed since then as well. The role of Helga in 'Allo! 'Allo! was definitely her favourite one and she’s happy to meet her fans for the first time.



Special guests – Tomas Kobr and Irena Kristekova

The young Czech actor Tomas Kobr will open our event with his funny improvisation on British theme – how is Great Britain being perceived by others. Tomas is has appeared in numerous theatre plays, including Shakespeare’s Richard III or Mark Ravenhill’s Mother Clap's Molly House. As you can see, he and his friend (actress Irena Kristekova) will be a great addition to our event.


Supporting the guide dogs

This time we will be supporting a non-profit company Pestra spolecnost which is focused on training the guide dogs (not only) for blind people. During the event you will see how the dog training looks like. Every attendee will have access to a special program which will take place the next day in the same club.